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Grenfell Preschool & Long Day Care Centre aims to provide, develop, resource and manage a high quality early childhood educational and care service s that fulfils the needs of the community and is accessible to all children without discrimination regarding sex, culture, race , socioecomonic status or religion.  We believe that all children are unique individuals and that each child should be allowed time to be a child.

The Centre will achieve this aim by:

• providing multipurpose educational care for children aged between 0 to 12 years of age;

• providing Long Day Care and Preschool sessions and a Mobile Preschool Service

• providing a safe, happy stimulating healthy environment which recognises the needs an, interest and talents of each child;

• fostering the development of a positive self esteem and supporting independence skills;

• providing a range of developmentally appropriate activities and experiences in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework,

* actively encouraging parents to participate in all levels of their child’s learning and providing    opportunities for this to occur;

    * Maintaining respectful and supportive relationships with families and children

    * Providing educational programes and forming partnerships with families and the wider communities. 



      Research has shown that a child’s brain development in the first five years of life is critical to future brain development.  As a professional service we aim to provide the best possible environment for positive brain development by employing professional early childhood staff, respecting children, providing educational programs and forming partnerships with families and the wider community.

      Staff recognise the importance of play as one of the main ways in which children learn and develop.  Staff will strive to create an environment where the children feel safe, happy, nurtured and stimulated so that they feel comfortable and empowered to try new activities and experiences and also to nurture relationships with others.  Each staff member is seen as a valuable resource to the service and their personalities and beliefs contribute to making a successful Centre.

      We will actively support children’s abilities to develop and maintain relationships by carefully observing and facilitating interactions between peers.  Children’s relationships are instrumental in facilitating their understandings, theories and ideas about their world and their own behaviour within it.

      We strongly believe in supporting children in their transition to school.  We will establish links with families and schools to assist with a smooth transition to school.

      We will make efforts to see the world through the child’s eyes, to take their perspective in order to discover the child’s meaning rather than imposing our own meaning.

      We will identify and respond to each child’s strengths to contribute to lifelong confidence and competence.  Our team will place careful thought in planning for the whole child’s development.

      Parents and families are the most important people in children’s lives.  They know their child better than anyone else and have the biggest influence upon their learning.  A relationship of mutual respect, trust and empathy will be established with parents and staff to promote the child’s wellbeing and will be built on open, honest, respectful communication.  Parents and families are made welcome at the Centre at all times and their involvement will be greatly encouraged.

      We aim to support children in developing life skills that will help them to be effective members of the broader community in which they now live and will live in the future.

      Our community is made up of people who are diverse in many ways; cultural, language, socio-economic levels, abilities, beliefs and values.  Our Centre will honour and embrace diversity.

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